Perform common tasks---opening websites and applications, and...

Perform common tasks---opening websites and applications, and typing commonly-used text---just by typing a regular word. For example, no matter what you are doing on your computer, in any application, you could just type word\ and immediately Microsoft Word will open.

Similarly, type excel\ and Microsoft Excel will open, or aol\ and America Online will open, or address\ and have your full address be typed on the screen.

Only when you type the special expansion key (by default, backslash) after a word will SureType take effect. The more you use your computer, the more time SureType will save you.

Plus, SureType can open macros from a convenient taskbar menu, and also by key combinations. SureType can instantly do four of the most common things you do on a computer: 1.

Open any application, file, or folder on your computer. 2. Open any website. 3. Type any common text. 4. Start a new e-mail to somebody. Stop clicking, searching, and re-typing.

Get SureType.

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